This Ointment Bandage Pops a Disinfectant Capsule Onto Your Injury

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: yankodesign
With the goal of better preventing infection to small injuries, the creators of this ointment bandage included an antiseptic substance within the padding of their Pop Band-Aid. Chang Min Jeong, Byun Ji Hyun, Yun So Hyeon and Hong Myung Jik are very much concerned with contamination, encouraging them to overhaul the entire packaging of the standard plaster.

Once stuck to the skin around a cut or a scrape, this ointment bandage looks pretty typical. The hidden benefits to this First Aid concept, however, are healing cream and germicide that are embedded in a delicate capsule within the cotton pad. The stiff sleeve of the Pop Band-Aid must be snapped to open, causing the ointment to push through the pad's surface. You then apply the dressing while holding the case to avoid dirtying the adhesive.