The Sanibubble Makes Keeping Clean a Playful Procedure for Kids

 - Nov 19, 2013
References: & tuvie
If you're the sort of parent who swears by antibacterial products, you'll love the Sanibubble. It affords a sure method for getting your children excited about cleanliness. This contraption is a wall-mounted hand sanitizer unit like no other. Sunghoon Park's device does not squirt out a liquid or gel; rather, soapy bubbles pop right out of it.

To activate the dispenser, a youngster needs simply wave his hand in front of it. A built-in scanner will assess the level of dirtiness and produce bubbles with an appropriate concentration of cleaning agents. The Sanibubble will expel several of these from ingredients within its replaceable cartridge, and kids won't be able to help but grab and poke the soapy spheres, applying the detergent on their hands.