The Honest Company Hand Disinfectant Spray is Multipurpose

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: honest & honest
Many consumers are beginning to shy away from chemicals and turning to products like the Honest Company Hand Disinfectant Spray that offers a multitude of natural benefits. Aside from killing germs with ethyl alcohol, the hand sanitizer is packed with natural essential oils to help further enhance antimicrobial properties as well as the scent.

The moisturizing nature of the botanical ingredients within the Honest Company Hand Disinfectant Spray enables it to balance moisture rather than remove it. The refreshing scents like lemongrass, lavender and orange enable an aromatherapy experience, which adds an additional benefit.

The hand sanitizer spray can also be used as a room freshener to help offer antiseptic properties while offering a lovely scent. The travel-focused design is oriented towards mothers on the go who are looking for natural ways to keep themselves and their children healthy.