The Eat Drink Nap Pillow Case Lists the Important Stuff

 - Oct 28, 2014
References: jacvanek & shop.nylon
The 'Eat Drink Nap' Pillow Case by Jac Vanek knows what your priorities are.

There are few things in life as essential as eating, drinking and napping. Literally, you would die without nourishment, hydration and sleep. But more importantly, you simply could not function without snack food, alcohol and the sweet, sweet respite of a 20-minute cat nap. I mean, without pizza pops, boxed wine and naps, is life even worth living?

In case you get bogged down with homework or work activities, remind yourself of what's truly important in your life with this amazing pillow case by Jac Vanek. Best of all? Anyone who visits your bedroom will be immediately notified about what think is crucial.