The Ostrich Mini is an Updated Version of the Larger Version

 - Oct 1, 2014
References: studio-kg & designboom
The Ostrich Mini pillow is ideal for anyone who needs to catch a few extra zzz's during the day, but is struggling to find a comfortable position.

Taking a nap during the day is not all bad. For some it's extremely necessary, and will make them that much more productive for the rest of the day. However, putting one's head down on a desk and trying to find a spot of comfort is difficult, so the Ostrich Mini pillow aims to solve these problems. Just stick it on your hand, rest your head on the surface and start catching that much needed sleep before getting back to business for the day. Of course, just make sure that the boss doesn't come buy and see you taking a break, unless he wants to use the pillow too! Photo Credits: designboom, studio-kg