The Floral Keyboard Sticker is a Reminder That Spring is Approaching

 - Feb 26, 2015
References: etsy
The Floral Keyboard Sticker attaches to any MacBook Pro, MacBook or MacBook Air surface. The sticker is laid over the middle surface of the laptop, covering the keys and all surrounding areas. Keyboard sticker decals are a new way to customize your laptop without doing any permanent damage.

When it comes to the laptop customization, traditionally, the outer surface is fixed with some sort of hard cover or sticker decal. However, with the keyboard sticker, it allows one to have the best of both words — keeping the iconic silver steel Apple image while customizing it to be your own. In this case, the floral sticker features wild roses intertwining throughout one's keyboard.

The Floral Keyboard Sticker will get anyone excited for the warmer months of spring.