The Mediumwave Will Increase Your Stay-In Movie Nights

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: jakerich & fastcodesign
The Mediumwave is an ingenious innovation designed by Jake Rich, a man determined to rethink the look and feel of an appliance so integral, many of us take it for granted.

Besides being absolutely adorable, (think The Brave Little Toaster) Rich's round, minimalist design operates as simply as using a stovetop. The medium-sized device is equipped with wheels, allowing you to move it around the counter effortlessly. Further setting it apart from other microwaves, the Mediumwave is controlled by a power-adjusting dial and a timer button (rather than a plethora of buttons). You can also view your food cooking by way of a translucent lid. When the lid is lifted, the microwave stops, allowing you to stir your food as though you were cooking it in a conventional pot.

The Mediumwave was recently exhibited at London's New Designers exhibition. Though his eventual goal is mass production, Rich is waiting for the right manufacturer to make his dream a reality.