From Snap-On Can Strainers to Boxy Sieve Designs

 - Aug 13, 2015
These handy kitchen colanders can do more than just give your food a quick rinse. With more and more consumers pressed for time, cooking has become a rushed routine for many. These multi-functional devices help make the cooking process a little bit easier by allowing one to do more with a fewer amount of tools.

Traditionally, the strainer has been reserved for washing and rinsing food. However, these modern kitchen colanders are equipped to handle a number of other cooking duties. For example, there are veggie cooking baskets that combine a strainer, boiler and steamer all in one. There are also see-sawing food strainers that allow you to rinse and serve your food in a single bowl.

Another innovation in colander designs has been the rise of food-specific strainers. These devices make it easier to strain difficult foods and beverages. Some of these unique colanders include funneling beverage infusers, ergonomic infant cuisine makers and kernel-filtering popcorn bowls.