The Snap-On Can Strainer by Jokari Makes Straining Clean and Easy

 - Aug 7, 2013
References: fancy
The Snap-On Can Strainer by Jokari makes straining the liquid out of your favorite canned foods easy.

The strainer securely snaps on to standard sized cans and removes liquid like regular strainers. However, a really great benefit of using this strainer over others is the minimal mess. Since it's so small, the strainer doesn't take long to clean, and because of its perfect fit with the can, you don't have to worry about the liquid spilling over sides or food falling out.

People who eat canned vegetables and canned tuna or salmon will get a lot of use out of this strainer, and they're extremely useful for making quick meals. If you're an avid baker, use this as a sifter to get even more use out of it.