Funnel Pot Allows You to Skip the Colander Step and Drain Water Directly

 - Jan 6, 2015
References: pinterest & yankodesign
The Funnel Pot makes the process of boiling anything a great deal more efficient, both where time and tools are concerned.

Many people prefer to pour out excess water with the use of a pot's lid as a clumsy sieve, preventing more dirty dishes, but requiring some muscle, accuracy and patience to ensure that the hot liquid is discarded safely into the sink. The clever solution of Bosoon Kang was to put a spout in a standard saucepan. Logically, this was incorporated into the handle.

Given that scalding hot water would be coursing through this passage, the designer give the Funnel Pot's handgrip an insulating rubber coating that remains safe to touch. When the noodles, rice, vegetables or meat are complete, simply point the handle down into the basin. A removable filter will keep your food from escaping.