The Bulbe Washer Facilitates the Quick and Easy Rinsing of Your Undies

 - Apr 14, 2014
References: & yankodesign
The Bulbe Washing Machine was dreamed up especially with students in mind. Designer Clémence Germain points out that students frequently cycle through all of their undergarments before a load of laundry can be done, predominantly because clothes-cleaning facilities are not always convenient in college residences and cheap rental accommodation.

The solution was to come up with a laundering bucket that would hybridize hand-washing and machine washing. Capable of holding about 1.5kg of garments, the Bulbe Washer is ideal for T-Shirts and underwear in manageable loads. Simply fold up the many-petaled inner basket of the container, insert it and place several articles inside. Pour water in from the shower, the bathtub or the sink and you can let your items soak in detergent, or you can slosh them around manually by the handles.