This Paris MacBook Skin Makes the Apple Logo Visible on the French Skyline

 - Jul 10, 2014
References: thegadgetflow
Call it another laptop accessory but the Paris MacBook skin does have that spark of elegance pushing your MacBook to the fullest extent of style. It highlights the entire Paris skyline along with the Eiffel Tower from your Macbook in a way which looks extremely chic and drop dead gorgeous for those who have a flair towards trying out new decals everyday. The Apple logo gets portrayed like a moon for this skyline showcased from the decal which adds a special touch of technology to the whole scene. If Paris is your favorite destination or the one you’d sometime want to visit, you’ve got yourself the perfect skin for your MacBook from all the others available. You can choose from the day or the evening scene (whichever is your preference) to enhance the overall beauty of your MacBook to a large extent.