This Unusual Candle Smells Like Vintage Movie Posters and Stale Beer

'Flick Candles' is selling an unusual candle that mimics the smell of a frat house. For many people, certain scents are strongly associated with different experiences. This unusual candle is designed to conjure up college memories through the use of distinct scents.

The frat house-scented candle from Flick Candles recreates the smell of a lively basement party. According to the online description, "this lovely scent mixes old vintage movie posters with a splash of something that will definitely give you a headache tomorrow morning." The unusual ingredients are designed to evoke nostalgic memories of wild parties and carefree evenings with friends.

While not everyone enjoys the scent of old movie posters and stale beer, this candle is perfect for those who want to relive their carefree college experience.