This Hotel Offers Packages That Lets You Indulge in the Food of Barcelona

High-end hotel chain the Mandarin Oriental is offering a vacation package that allows guests to experience the food of Barcelona. The package is a two-night event named the 'Gastronomic Destination package' where guests will be able to taste local delicacies, a chef-guided tour of Barcelona, food markets and the hotel's very own Michelin-starred cuisine.

The hotel alone is a foodie's dream and features various Michelin-star restaurants and chefs, but this unique package allows guests to venture into a food-focused journey and experience the local food of Barcelona. Other packaging inclusions are deluxe accommodations, breakfasts, VIP welcome treats, and a wine tasting in the hotel's hidden cellar. This package is perfect for those seeking to explore the city of Barcelona while experiencing a gastronomic getaway.