Disneyland Tokyo's Theme Park Food Includes Coke-Flavored Hot Dogs

 - Oct 14, 2015
References: kotaku & delish
Japan has long been known for its outrageous flavor combinations and exotic food, which makes Disneyland Tokyo's coke-flavored hotdogs no surprise at all as an addition to its theme park food menu. These soda-infused hot dogs resemble a regular hot dog, but are layered on with pulled pork on top. The pulled pork however was cooked in Coke to give it sweetness and that delicious fizzy flavor that millions enjoy every day. The problem is however, many who have tried the coke-flavored hot dogs say they don't really taste the Coke.

Many brave souls who ordered this dish said it was delicious, but lacked the one flavor that they expected -- Coke. Despite, the lack of soda flavor, park-goers continue to enjoy this comfort food mash-up among many other hot dogs creations. If you are visiting Tokyo and are looking for exotic foods, perhaps searching outside the theme park will be a better option.