These Abstract Graffiti Portraits are Stunningly Accurate

 - Oct 17, 2015
References: andrewsalgado & hifructose
These intricate abstract graffiti portraits are stunning replications of Andre Salgado's subjects. Salgado has a variety of influences that aid in his unique style, combining elements of art history and graffiti. Rather than painting portraits in a traditional manner, Salgado uses a technique that he describes as similar to puzzle pieces, where he tries to fit together different shapes and sizes to form an accurate portrait.

When painting his subjects, Salgado does not focus on trying to portray their individual identities, but rather depict the now-ness or their current state when recreating them. Salgado believes that the ruggedness of his images represent the unfinished hastiness of the human experience. Despite a unique technique, Salgado's abstract graffiti portraits are able to capture the emotion of each subject.