The MIT Kinetic Blocks Project Explores New Forms of Object Manipulation

The MIT Kinetic Blocks project explores new ways of moving and manipulating objects using digital technology -- and building blocks!

The Kinetic Blocks project essentially consists of a large, moving mat which is capable of manipulating building blocks placed on its surface. The mat is composed of independently mobile vertical columns, which the Kinetic Blocks team calls "pins." Using a tablet, a controller can instruct the pins to move in specific patterns. By moving certain combinations of pins, the mat can stack large square blocks on top of each other and then knock them down again, rotate blocks around their x, y and z axes and even create larger, more complex block structures.

This MIT Kinetic Blocks project explores a revolutionary concept for automation in assembly and construction, unveiling some extremely exciting possibilities for the future. In the meantime, it's simply the coolest set of building blocks ever invented.