A Sushi Chain in Osaka is Selling Unagi Sushi Topped with Strips of Butter

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: jinen.org & en.rocketnews24
The Jinen chain of restaurants located in Osaka, Japan has begun offering a special type of eel sushi that uses a very creamy extra ingredient.

The chain of restaurants located in the city have started selling a unique type unagi sushi consisting of a ball of vinegary rice, a slice of eel meat, and a pat of actual butter all tied with a piece of green seaweed. This super creamy eel sushi variation is slightly odd because butter is certainly not a traditional sushi ingredient, but apparently the item has become very popular with local residents.

People have even taken to social media and have begun posting pictures of the buttery seafood dish online and describing how the butter and eel combination melts in their mouths. This mixture of Eastern and Western cuisine is certainly a new way at looking at a traditional dish.