These Burning Man 2015 Badges Change Color When They Meet a "Mate"

 - Oct 14, 2015
References: bunniestudios & makezine
These blinking electronic badges, created for the Burning Man 2015 festival, actually evolve and change every time they meet another badge. By the end of the festival, each badge had a completely unique color pattern.

Burning Man has a tendency to attract extreme makers, and thus produces a lot of really interesting inventions, both technological and artistic. These Burning Man 2015 badges fit into both categories, and add a bit of biology to the mix. Designed by a maker who goes by the name "Bunnie," the Burning Man 2015 badges blink out a colorful light display. When one badge comes into contact with another, both badges change color in compliance with a code based on genetic science.

By the end of Burning Man 2015, each badge had met so many others that it had evolved its own one-of-a-kind pattern.