From Mobile Farms to Interactive Dancing Domes

 - Aug 19, 2015
These festival-inspired innovations are proof of the tremendous power of festival culture.

Festivals from SXSW to Coachella have inspired innovation in every field from technology to fashion to food. The bright scientific minds at Coca-Cola built a drone to allow fans to virtually attend the Summer Love festival. The world's top fashion labels baked branded mooncakes for the Moon Festival in Thailand.

Festival-inspired innovation has created a slew of products, branding ideas, campaigns and technical advances. Biodegradable tents, high-tech hearing protectors, hydration-monitoring apps and devices are designed with festival-goers in mind. New ideas in architecture are tested to build entrances and pavilions at festivals worldwide. Beer brands like Budweiser use the aesthetics of festival culture to appeal to Millennials. Social enterprises like WaterAid run awareness campaigns targeted at festival attendees.

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