Lily di Costanzo Brings Her Grandmother to an EDM Festival

 - Apr 5, 2016
References: refinery29
When it comes to hanging out with the grandparents, tea and biscuits often come to mind -- but not for Lily di Costanzo, at least not this time. After going down the rabbit hole of Facebook memories, this writer realized she was nostalgic for her teen years, specifically those spent at music festivals. She wanted to recapture the feelings by attending an EDM festival with a newbie: her grandmother.

What looks like an amazing experience, Lily di Costanzo and Grammy Annette exposed themselves to a whole new side of life by essentially putting themselves in each others shoes. Although Lily was naturally protective, she writes, "[Grammy] traveled the world and raised her four daughters to embrace feminism and tolerance way before my generation took up the cause." Essentially realizing, Grammy can take care of herself.