A New Rotterdam Festival Aims to Make Rooftops Alternative Social Spaces

Rotterdam Rooftop Days is a newly launched annual festival poised to changed the way citizens engage with rooftop spaces in their cities.

Approaching its first edition kickoff, the Rotterdam Rooftop Days festival seeks to challenge conventional thinking by making rooftops alternative social spaces. Although there has been a notable rise in rooftops as venues for all kinds of events internationally in recent years, there is still decidedly an impermanence to most of them.

During the four-day event, which will take place June 11-14, 2015, dozens of buildings will open up their rooftop spaces to host public events such as pop-up lounges, concerts and programming for children.

The innovative Rotterdam festival is an exciting conversation around the notion of urban-placemaking, a school of thought that believes that individuals need access to dynamic and safe public spaces for overall well-being.