Dubs Acoustic Filters are Non-Muffling Technologically Advanced Ear Plugs

 - Sep 24, 2014
References: getdubs & gizmodo
The look of these technology advanced ear plugs might actually encourage young people to wear them. Dubs are trying to reinvent the protective hearing devices by calling them acoustic filters and marketing them to those likely to socialize in loud areas (in essence, a younger crowd).

Designed to offer an "optimal listening experience," the advanced tech ear plugs protect one's hearing so they can be in loud environments longer. This includes concerts and clubs, for example. By providing a 12 decibel point noise reduction rating, they could also come in useful on an airplane, construction site, game day or in a particularly loud music-playing clothing store. Rather than simply muffling sound like traditional ear plugs, Dubs targets specific frequencies so things sound the way they're supposed to, just quieter.