This Secure Umbrella Comes with a Built-In Combination Lock

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: yankodesign
Never again worry about potentially losing your protection from the wet weather elements with this creative combination lock umbrella design.

The 'Umbrellocked' was a collaborative design effort between Zhang Shuo, Daishao Yun, and Wang Wen-Year. The handle of this ingenious design actually features a built-in lock that can help keep your rain accessory secure when not in use. The combination lock is actually connected to a wire cable that pulls out from a curved handle and safely secures to the other end.

The 'Umbrellocked' can be secured to almost anything, and a three-number combination is required to unlock the handle. With this simple yet innovative design, any would-be umbrella thief will rightly be left out wet and cold in the rain.