This Student is Revolutionizing University Dining with Shared Gourmet Meals

 - Oct 10, 2015
References: metro & grubstreet
University dining usually involves generic food in overcrowded meal halls or ramen noodles from a plastic cup. One student is changing all that by staging his own unique university dining experience.

Economics student Jonah Reider has created a game-changing dorm room restaurant called Pith. Via Yelp, up to four guests can sign up to share a meal with Reider in his Columbia University dorm room. Reider cooks world-class fare -- recent dishes include rainbow trout with beet and pumpernickel croutons and seared scallops on a bed of chanterelle polenta with date and chili oil. He also chats, dines and plays music for his guests. The entire university dining experience runs at 15 - 20$ a head, plus extra for alcoholic beverages.

Reider insists that Pith isn't truly a restaurant. In fact, he says that the idea is counter-conceptual to a restaurant model: whereas Reider eats and talks with his guests, a conventional restaurant inherently divides creator and consumer.