'aKNITomy' by Emily Stoneking Resembles Anatomical Animal Drawings

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: etsy & thisiscolossal
The cleverly titled 'aKNITomy' project gives anyone an inside view of the inner workings of anatomy without any of the fuss of actually having to slice something open.

These silly anatomical creations are done by Vermont-based knitter Emily Stoneking for her online Etsy shop where she sells fluffy yarn specimens of dead frogs, rats, earthworms and even grey aliens. Each knitted specimen has been split open and pinned back to expose their colorful and soft inner workings.

Each of these morbidly silly anatomical illustrations resemble a school project you might of had back in biology class. Stoneking also offers downloadable 'aKNITomy' patterns for purchase for those looking to start their very own yarn-based dissection project.