This Liquor from Hot Enough Vodka Co. is 200 Times Hotter Than Tabasco

Hot Enough Vodka Co., a liquor company that makes insanely hot Naga chilli-infused vodka, has released a chilli vodka twice as spicy as anything it has previously produced.

The new chilli vodka is called 500,000 Scovilles, after the unit of measurement of heat for chilli peppers. A Scoville represents the amount of sugar water that must be added to the substance before heat can no longer be detected (one Scoville = 1 mL of sugar water). Hot Enough's Naga chilli vodkas formerly came in 100,000 and 250,000 Scoville editions.

The chilli vodka is produced using nothing but wheat-based spirits and Naga Jolokia chillies, which are so hot that they are apparently used by the Indian armed forces to make tear gas grenades. The 500,000 Scovilles chilli vodka comes in a canister bearing the slogan "No Good Will Come of It."