This Japanese Robot Dances, Talks, Takes Calls and Projects Movies

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: robohon & techtimes
This Japanese robot looks like an adorable toy, but it's actually a fully connected smartphone.

The RoboHon is a cute little Japanese robot -- but it's not a toy. The Japanese robot smartphone does all the things that are expected from a modern cell phone: sending and receiving email, acting as an alarm clock, shopping and to-do list-making and giving its user reminders and news updates.

At the same time, RoboHon is a friendly companion, speaking to its owner, walking around and performing little dances from time to time. It's like a hybrid between a virtual concierge and a robotic pet. The Japanese robot also comes with some bonus features not usually seen in smartphones, like a built-in projector to turn any wall into an at-home theater.