This Telehealth Service Visually Connects Patients with Physicians

 - Dec 15, 2015
References: vidyo
'Vidyo' is a telehealth service that visually connects patients with healthcare professionals. In rural areas or cities where physicians are in short supply, telemedicine has become a popular way to help patients access the care they need. This particular service uses live video chats for everything from routine checkups to surgical consultations.

Vidyo is a video conferencing platform that helps patients connect to healthcare professionals. Vidyo provides high-quality, easy to use video consultations that can be integrated into any hospital, clinic or research facility. The service can be accessed via a desktop or mobile device and all that is required to run the program is a working Internet connection. As a result, physicians can provide patients with face-to-face communication without the need to be in close proximity.

The service ultimately helps physicians treat patients that may be unable to access a traditional healthcare facility.