The 'Ultraloq' Front Door Lock is Outfitted with Impressive Security

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: indiegogo & geeky-gadgets
Although the 'Ultraloq' might look like a traditional smart front door lock, the unit is actually capable of providing enhanced security unlike what has been offered before. Outfitted with a fingerprint scanner, the 'Ultraloq' can also be accessed via the touch keypad with one major security breakthrough. To help thwart thieves or someone spying the 'Ultraloq' will open even if a randomized set of numbers is entered (given that the correct code is in there somewhere).

The 'Ultraloq' front door lock features a hidden mechanical key hole just in case it's needed, while the Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to gain access. Simply knock twice on your smartphone when in range of the 'Ultraloq' and access will be instantly granted.