The 'Rhythm Dreem' Wearable Encourages You to Stay in the Deep Sleep Phase

 - Mar 7, 2016
References: & gizmag
The deep sleep phase is said to be the most restorative for the mind and body, so the 'Rhythm Dreem' wearable is designed to keep you in it for a longer period.

Using a bevy of sensors, the wearable 'Rhythm Dreem' headset works by keeping track of your sleep progress. When you begin to prematurely drift out of the deep sleep phase, the 'Rhythm Dreem' will emit a frequency against the skull to lull you into a deeper sleep.

Digital technology has augmented consumers to seek out ways to use it to enhance their sense of well-being and level of health. As such, the 'Rhythm Dreem' wearable headset is a revolutionary device that could change the way we think about getting a good night's sleep.