The Spin Chill Quickly Cools Your Favorite Beverages

 - Feb 22, 2014
References: ippinka & thisiswhyimbroke
The Spin Chill is one of those amazing drink gadgets that every dorm, man cave and kitchen should never be without.

This is the ultimate tool for cooling beer and other canned beverages. The Spin Chill grasps on to the top of the can and spins it at a whopping speed; while it is submerged in ice, the process of convection increases the the cooling time to be 20 times quicker than other conventional methods. Typically, you might be wondering if the spinning would cause the can to explode, but since it isn’t being vigorously shaken and instead it is just being spun, there is no exploding reaction.

This portable device can be taken around with you wherever there’s going to be beverages -- at the cottage, during a camping trip or in your own back yard. Now you don’t have to wait forever for ice to cool down your drinks, just Spin Chill it and enjoy a cold beverage.