This Sand Castle Cake is Made from Graham Crackers and Ice Cream

 - Jul 25, 2013
References: etsy
For those who love the beach, this DIY sand castle cake recipe is a great way to channel the seaside in deliciously sweet dessert form. Made from ice cream, this cake is shaped and decorated just like a traditional beach sand castle.

This cake recipe begins with using children's sand castle molds and softened vanilla ice cream. Once the ice cream has softened, the ice cream is placed inside and placed back in the freezer. After a rectangular vanilla cake base is made, the ice cream sand castle molds can be popped out and both the cake and the ice cream molds are covered in graham cracker crumbs to simulate beach sand.

Add some beach shells, edible sugar pearls and plastic umbrellas, and your sand castle cake is finished. Remember to keep it in the freezer; it is ice cream after all.