Risa Rodil Created an Artistic and Alphabetic Hunger Games Poster

 - May 23, 2014
References: bza.co & bza.co
If you are an enormous fan of the Hunger Games trilogy (meaning you actually read the books), you will appreciate this Hunger Games poster. Designed by Nerdfighter Risa Rodil, the alphabetic print uses illustrated typography to showcase different parts from the dystopian series by Suzanne Collins.

Can you identify everything in the Hunger Games alphabet? The print is missing designs for X through Z, but is still quite impressive. Given the violent and dark nature of the series, it would make sense the Hunger Games poster would reflect the same vibes. From the arena of Catching Fire to weapons everything in between, the fantastic font is definitely worth looking through. While P stands for parachute rather than Peeta or Plutarch Heavensbee, other letters are a bit more obvious.