Beer Type is a Typeface Created Out of a Variety of Beer Mugs

 - Jun 17, 2014
References: & designtaxi
Beer Type is a playful typography inspired by the range in shapes of beer mugs and glasses. Based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, designer Rogerio Oliveira created the typeface using the outlines of beer glassware such as flutes and mugs. Consisting of bright yellow lettering, the alphabet is printed on a black poster to make the typeface stand out.

To explain how Beer Type was conceived, Oliveira also compiled a chart of the different styles of drinkable dishware he used to create this boozy typography. The entire thing is written in Portuguese, but he appears to have been inspired by 11 different glass styles, its contents ranging from Guinness to Hoegaarden.

If you are a big beer drinker and into design, Beer Type is definitely worth checking out.