From Artful Vaccination Promos to Interactive HIV Ads

 - Sep 11, 2015
These examples of interactive health marketing range from artful vaccination promos to immersive HIV ads that leverage the power of modern technology and social media. In addition to oral health promotions -- the Listerine Oral Health Challenge urges consumers to spend 14 days focusing on the improvement of their dental health -- other favorites include inspiring health initiatives that are hosted by commercial beverage brands like Tetley, whose ''Turn Over a New Leaf' campaign encourages consumers to face mental health issues with the help of expert health coaches who are dedicated to their well-being.

Other favorites include cancer-aiding shampoo campaigns -- Pantene's collaboration with Selena Gomez encourages hair care fans to contribute to cancer research -- and crowd-sourced sleep playlists by The Good Night Drink. This particular campaign illustrates the importance of a good night's sleep and encourages music lovers to curate custom playlists that create an atmosphere centered around rest and relaxation.