These Letters Mimic a Measles Outbreak on Paper

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: immunizebc & psfk
'ImmunizeBC' recently initiated a campaign that involves sending out letters that remind patients about the consequences of a measles outbreak. Vaccinations not only benefit the individual who receives the shot, but they also help to protect whole communities from the outbreak of disease. This campaign reminds parents about the importance of vaccinating their children.

The new campaign involves a series of postcards printed using photosensitive ink. When the letters are exposed to sunlight they begin to reveal a series of small dots that mimic a measles outbreak on paper. The letters come with the tagline "not immunizing children puts all of us at risk," thus reinforcing the need for parents to vaccinate their children.

The campaign serves as a clever way to remind parents about the importance of vaccinations and disease prevention.