Zipeng Zhu Created a High-Energy, Electric Font Called 'Electrica'

 - Apr 8, 2014
References: & stupidDOPE
A New York-based graphic designer Zipeng Zhu has created an electronic font that emulates the electronic music scene. The letters are digitalized to move about the screen in a rave-like fashion; the letters jive back and forth to flashing, brightly colored lights.

Each letter of the alphabet is intensified with a combination of blinding neon hues. The typeface is block-shaped and and the corners appear hinged to one another to emphasize their movements.

Zipeng Zhu created a short video to give the full visual effect each letter has and what they look like when typed into a full sentence. The letters' movements coincide with the electronic music that is aptly used in the video. This typography would be perfect for electronic artists to use on their screen backdrops at a music festival.