Shurong Diao Uses Hair & Skin to Depict the English Alphabet

 - May 14, 2014
References: diaoshurong & designboom
‘Hair Alphabet’ is a project by New York-based artist Shurong Diao, and consists of the artist’s long hair being manipulated to forge the English alphabet. In essence, Shurong Diao’s hair is used as a typographic medium.

Diao arranged her locks in twisting, twirling, stretching and curling shapes to construct all the lowercase characters in the alphabet. The images of ‘Hair Alphabet’ show her lying with her hair arranged in different positions to form alphabets, her shapely nude body making the images even more eye-catching.

The liberal presence of skin is not meant as a cheap titillation tactic, but is intended to create a strong visual contrast between the dark hair and light skin. 

"I wanted to build a connection between Chinese characters and the Roman alphabet by using different forms of long black hair, just like putting ink on rice paper to draw Chinese characters," Diao said.

Photo Credits: designboom, diaoshurong