Graphic Designer Andreas Scheiger's Evolution of Type is Eerie

 - Jun 8, 2014
References: & beautifuldecay
Illustrator and graphic designer Andreas Scheiger's beautiful artwork series called 'Evolution of Type' cleverly turns the English alphabet into a living and breathing being.

The 'Evolution of Type' alphabetic series creatively features several 3D letters undergoing striking anatomical surgery. The letters are photographed being split open to reveal arteries, muscle tissue and bone. Scheiger's work creatively brings to life the inanimate nature of typefaces. The 'Evolution of Type' series shows that fonts, letters and styles of writing are capable of decaying and rotting away just like the human body. Scheiger's work literally gives life to the alphabet in a beautifully alluring way. In today's day and age what keeps letters, dialects and languages alive is the constant use of them.