The Grillography Project Turns BBQ Food Into a Typeface

 - Jun 4, 2014
References: & foodiggity
BBQ fanatics will get a kick out of the Grillography typeface designed by graphic agency Anti, which creatively turned popular barbecuing foods into an alphabet font.

Anti developed Grillography to advertise a Scandinavian supermarket company called Rimi. The font consists of various grilled food items arranged into edible letters of the alphabet. Barbecued red onions, colorful peppers, hamburger patties, chicken and sausages are just some of the popular food items used to construct the Grillography typeface.

Several of the edible grilled letters were photographed and used to create typographic billboard ads that spelled out enticing summer-appropriate phrases such as, "BBQ season has arrived." The idea was to get consumers' mouths watering so that they would head over to Rimi's to pick up foods for their very own BBQ dinner.