Monique Goossens Designs a Human Haired Typography

 - Sep 18, 2013
References: moniquegoossens & visualnews
Jessica Czeck writes about human haired typography created by Monique Goossens where she uses the hair to create her own style of lettering. To some, this artwork might seem quite revolting. There is an uncomfortable fear that arises when hair or any other part of the body is seen in a place it isn't meant to be. This is the feeling that overwhelms many looking at this piece where the haunted letters have bits of hair fraying around the corners.

By using human hair, Goossens is able to provoke a reaction from her audience because it is so unusual and raw. The alphabet is a part of the way we speak, making up our language and a part of knowledge that is taught at a young age. With something so familiar Monique Goossens creates discomfort out of comfort by designing the uncanny human haired typography.