Stephen Wildish Conveys Literacy Through Historic Film Genres

Most kindergarten classrooms will have a colorful alphabet banner with an apple for A and a kangaroo for K, but Stephen Wildish takes this associative learning strategy and applies to to war films with his War Film Alphabets graphic art.

The range of the films depicted in this alphabetic series spans from classics such as 'Casablanca' to more contemporary films like 'Inglorious Bastards.'

While the benefits for teaching literacy may not be as potent as it is with easier, child-friendly objects, it certainly puts film buffs to the test. Many of the illustrations take images that have over time become pop-culture references, such as Willem Dafoe's death scene from 'Platoon' and Robert Duvall's cowboy hat-wearing General from 'Apocalypse Now.' Other images will require a more extensive knowledge on the genre -- a fun homework assignment for a rainy day.