From Sophisticated Sci-Fi Portraits to Hilarious Cartoon Mash-ups

 - Jan 17, 2013
These clever Star Wars sketches give proper tribute to the much-loved saga -- Star Wars transfers well into art as proven by these drawings. The images contain many hilarious mash-ups, brilliant redesigns and context-altering images. It is evident that they are crafted with much respect for the movies.

The large assortment of clever portrayals almost leaves nothing left for the imagination as Star Wars has been combined with almost every idea and concept. Fan art has become a popular phenomenon because it's so easy to relate to -- in this particular case, Star Wars is a massive part of pop culture and therefore, the subject of many pieces of art.

These Star Wars sketches almost treat the franchise as if it were a historical event. Though if you were talk to some die-hard fans, they would say it actually was.