Jonathan Bergeron Renders Gnarly Ink Portraits of Lifestyle Crossovers

The collection of ink drawings by Jonathan Bergeron is engaging and impeccably rendered. Based out of Montreal, Bergeron a.k.a Johnny Crap works with graphic design for band merchandise. He leans towards compositionally heavy ink works with complex depth variations. He has created artwork for major bands such as Slayer, Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold and Escape the Fate.

In this quirky collection of illustrations, Bergeron hybrids different lifestyles. He borrows from the Star Wars franchise, rendering a skate punk Storm Trooper. The trooper is adorned in skate-street clothing, wearing checkered Vans and a Vader tattoo on his forearm. Also memorable is the gangster Darth Vader tossin' up his gang sign, swingin' his Death Star chain.

These illustrations will satisfy any craving for a sci-fi/gangster/punk rock/skate mashup.