Jon Bolerjack Remixes Stormtrooper Gear with Comic Book Designs

 - Nov 24, 2011
References: jonbolerjack.deviantart & blog.thaeger
These Jon Bolerjack Stormtrooper re-imaginings will no doubt be a crowd-pleaser to anyone with a shred of geekiness in them. That's because the American artist has taken it upon himself to fuse the awesomeness of the Star Wars universe with some of Marvel Comics' most beloved characters. The amount of badassery that's generated by his final pieces is enough to melt a few nerds' brains.

Bolerjack initially drew only one of these mash-up creations, but once he scanned it into a computer for digital rendering, a full-blown art series was was only a few clicks away.

Currently, there are only four Jon Bolerjack Stormtrooper images, but there will no doubt be more to come. They feature costume elements of the characters Captain America, Doctor Doom and Venom. Bolerjack even threw in a wicked Spartan-inspired design just for good measure.