Kerry Kerrigan Inserts Rabbits into Star Wars Character Portraits

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: kellykerrigan.blogspot & blog.thaeger
Everything surrounding these Kerry Kerrigan paintings is absolutely hilarious.

First of all, I find it hard to comprehend why bounty hunter Bobba Fett, a Stormtrooper and a Crimson Guard would ever find the need to pose for a portrait, let alone one in front of those horribly cheesy '80s laser backdrops used during photo taking sessions. Then, to up the absurdity of it all, Kerrigan places an adorable and well-rendered bunny rabbit into the hands of these dangerous men to hold for the final picture. The randomness of it all would make even the writers of Family Guy blush, but that's exactly what makes these paintings so awesome.

If these particular Star Wars-inspired illustrations just aren't doing it for you, Kerry Kerrigan also paints colorful birds dressed up as memorable movie characters like Marty McFly.