Ricardo Polo's Illustrations Depict Heroes at their Most Boldly Basic

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: 7vectores
Illustrator Ricardo Polo's new minimalist superhero drawings are fun and vibrant depictions of some of the world's favorite heroes.

Each of Polo's superheroes features a multitude of angular lines and color blocked shading that makes them appear almost square or rectangular. His depiction of Superman is especially striking. The immortal hero is shown flying straight up through the sky, bursting through a cloud. His body is so perfectly straight and his cape so geometric that Superman takes on an almost rectangular form. Combined with his simplistic outfit and bold color palette, Polo's illustration becomes a wonderful demonstration of minimalist design.

Polo's superhero illustrations range from Superman to the Avengers and even to music duo Daft Punk. Each of his drawings employs a minimalist technique that makes them eye-catching and memorable as well as heroic.