The Marko Manev Superhero Noir Posters Depict Fictional Characters

 - Feb 8, 2013
References: & mymodernmet
The Marko Manev Superhero Noir Posters depict classic images of cartoon and comic based characters. Within the series are his graphic depictions of Batman, Iron Man, Wolverine, Manev and Silver Surfer.

Manev relays images of skyscrapers, city lights and grey clouds in his Superhero Noir Posters collection. Film noir style lays at the heart of his work here, evident in the minimalist aesthetic and the lack of color.

The titles Watchmaker, Sentinel and Spaceways, Armored Avenger and Man of Steel add further notes of mystery to his pieces, fitting with the drama and action that abound the stories he depicts here. Given the lengthy history of these narratives, all he had to do was sketch the outlines of the figures.