This 'History of Superman' Infographic Shows How This Hero Came to Be

 - May 9, 2013
References: dailyinfographic
Any superhero fanatic knows that each one of their favorite comic characters has a rich history and background, and this History of Superman infographic is here to visually lay out how this man of steel became the heroic crime-fighter that he is.

The colorfully detailed chart outlines how the Superman character was initially created in the 1930s, and chronologically goes from year-to-year explaining the progression of Clark Kent into the heroic Superman idol. The chart offers up some insightful tidbits about other secondary characters introduced, the development of Superman's arch nemisis Lex Luthor and a whole bunch of other interesting facts relating to the growth of this much beloved character.

If you're interested in knowing all the little details of how Superman came to be, then this geeky superhero history chart is just for you.